Undying Affinity

Author : Sara Naveed

Genre : Romance, Tragedy

Pages : 405

Rating : 4.5/💛💛💛💛💛

Blurb :

“True love never dies.

It might vanish, but it will

always find its way back.”

Twenty-two-year old Zarish has everything she could ever ask for. She is beautiful, rich and popular, and inseparable from her handsome childhood sweetheart, Haroon. However, when a new professor, Ahmar Murad, arrives at their university, Zarish, like every other girl, is drawn to his suave personality and charisma. Bur will he ever be interested in her?

Sucked into a vortex of passion, Zarish does not know that her life will never be the same again. Packed with romance, drama and tragedy, Undying Affinity will stay in your heart.

Summary :

Zarish our primary protagonist who is a only daughter to Zia and Zarina Munawwar with two elder brothers Zohaib and Zohan. Her parents were very protective towards her and her brothers treat her like a kid. She loves to be extravagant. She can’t even imagine marrying a poor boy and living frugally. She was little aggressive and stubborn. Apart from all of this she was overemotional and cries over silly things. Her parents bought her whatever she wished for, so she didn’t have any difficulty in life. But all turns upside down when she had fell in love with Ahmar Murad, her mentor.

Ahmar a finance professor at university where Zarish was studying. He was handsome, impressive and looks young at his age. His charisma attracted lot of girls, so Zarish was not an exceptional. Zarish fell in love with Ahmar and Ahmar too. Ahmar misunderstands the relationship between Zarish and Haroon. Haroon was her best friend since fifth standard. They were always together and their families had grown fond of each other. On the other hand Zarish expected Ahmar to propose her first. So both had neglected to confess their love to each other. And when they started to their love life happily, Haroon came to Zia Munawwar with his family to ask Zia’s daughter in hand. Something gloomy had happened in both Zarish and Ahmar’s of their life which makes them apart for lifetime.

Will Zarish and Ahmar could live their life together on their own fairy tale? Will society led them to live together?

“There is nothing right or wrong in love,

Where there is love there is nothing else only love.”

Review :

Sara Naveed proved herself once again in this novel by her writing skill. The characters were strongly developed. Where the protagonist goes through so many troubles and twists. Other characters also played an important role in uplifting the whole story. The pace was very fast and you can’t put down the novel untill you finish it. The story has been well taken after when the protagonist confessed their love. The flow of narrative will make you to forget your present world. The truth was I had been living in Lahore for past two days😉. Each and every romance lover should not miss this novel as it’ll take you to another world.

“Remembering you is like breathing”




A Voice In The Distance

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Tabitha Suzuma one of the finest under rated authors. She will have her own definition of love and relationship and that is what captivated me towards her. She had written very few books and I have read two among those. 

    A voice in the distance is a sequel of A note of madness and the craziest thing was I didn’t know that this book has a prequel before I picked it up. Anyways I’ll read the previous book soon. Okay, so this book revolves around a childhood soulmates Flynn and Jennah. Both have a beautiful family. Flynn is basically a bipolar disorder patient. It is Jennah Flynn’s girlfriend who always tries to hold up on him. At one-point Flynn severely affects by the disorder and how Jennah and their family is going to handle the situation? This were the story lies. 

    What I love most about Tabitha Suzuma’s writing is her way of narration. Always her narration will be to the point. Secondly, I like how she describes love, feelings and relationship in her perspective. Every novel of her will leave you with a wreck. This is a real roller coaster. Any romance lovers here???? You must read her books.  

How About A Sin Tonight?

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Hey Peeps….! How are you all? It’s been more than couple of months since I have posted a review. Hope everyone is safe and healthy. I was a bit busy with my academics, so I paused reading and writing for a while. 

    How about a sin tonight? is a book which perfectly demonstrate that passion can take us to any extent. I would like to make it clear that this book is not a cup of coffee for everyone. The story starts with a life of Shahran, a normal citizen who reaches Mumbai with eyes full of dreams and soul full of passion to become a Bollywood actor. Unexpectedly, he falls in love with a prostitute Mehafil. As we all know that not everyone can become an actor just like that. Simultaneously, the story revolves around another four individuals Reva Gupta, Neev Dixit, Nishani Rai and Kassh Sehgal. All of their life will connect at a point. The only common thing that everyone share is their passion to be an actor. Pick up your copy to know their struggles and games to achieve what they wish for.

    Everyone longed for someone’s love and affection. Sometimes it is your anger which destroys your life. Sometimes your desire for something can turns up into your bad dream. Sometimes someone’s memory is enough for a person to survival. There is very thin line which separates love, hate, desire, lust, anger and revenge. Perhaps your hate for someone can turns up into love and vice versa. So, simply this what the book explains. It is a typical NoVo’s writing. The characters are perfectly developed and though it has many characters, it is not confusing. It would be good if the narration is done even more better. The entry of Nishani Rai spiced up the story in second part. It also holds a perfect twist. People who are more into thriller and suspense should read this book.

A Wild Sheep Chase


As I always mention Murakami’s perspective is out of world like readers would live in someone else dream. You could find his books as a creepy one but you can’t stop yourself from loving it and that’s his MAGIC!! I wish I could have read the 1st two books of this trilogy before reading this book. Because I was bit confused at the beginning. So, readers don’t do the mistake which I have done. This book portrays the true colours of Japan, it’s culture and belief. More than the plot and characters, the emotions of the characters hold more importance. I always have this thing, whenever I read a Murakami’s books a particular scene or a place hits me and I’ll remember that one forever. So, from this book I can say the sheep man, the dolphin hotel, house on the mountain, etc. These are few little memories I have collected from Murakami’s literary world. In the journey of searching for a sheep, the man discovered himself. He found the meaning of his existence. 

“ Most everything you think you know about me is nothing more than memories.”

Every Frame Is A Painting



It is an anthology by Abhishek Ghosh. It is collection of poems, plays and short stories. it covers the concepts like drama, war, thriller, social and comedy. The poems portray unemployment and society from the vision of youths which I liked the most. Plays are intriguing. The short stories are done by centring the human emotions. It is dark themed like loss, pain and betrayal. The author’s writing style is pretty good. I personally like poems from the other two. It is quick read and some parts will keep you engaged. Overall, this book is a simple and light read.

Web Of Karma



This book is dark themed one. It comprises the concepts like politics, crime and some unlawful activities. The story takes place in Bihar during 90’s. The plot justifies the concept. But I personally not enjoy the book. Though the plot seems interesting, the style of narration is not captivated. There are many unwanted and unnecessary details were included which slows down the pace. It is cliché like the same in laws drama extra extra.  The story is intriguing at the beginning but somewhere I felt boring and lost the flow. The language is simple and I like the character development. On the whole it is an okeish read. 

Feeling Of Being Loved



Feeling of being loved by Raviraj Mishra Portrays the life of a 26 years old Indian girl. Shruti is our protagonist working as a software engineer in Indore. In nature she is an introvert who has handful of friends. Her parents are like a typical Indian parent with rules and restrictions. They start looking a groom for her and she got rejected by 3 to 4 boys. This develops insecurities within her. Suddenly, one day she remembers her best friend from college Abhishek. She also loved him but didn’t confess till the end. Again, she gets connect with him through social media. Yeah, they fall in love but destiny has some other plans for them. Read the book to know more. 

    So, this book is like a typical love story but the plot is bit interesting. The style of narration uplifts the story. It is simple and great. The best part is as a girl I feel the thoughts of protagonist. Every Indian girl could connect to this story. Overall it is a simple one time read. I suggest this book for beginners.

The Slut Chronicles: Enslaved



The slut chronicles: enslaved by Kritika Sharma is a fabulous read. Folks!! if you are mystery lover, then must pick this book. It is the second book of this series. The third book is going to release soon and I can’t wait to read it. Firstly, I must say that please please don’t judge this book by it’s cover. 

    The story gyrates around the protagonist Ishana. She is a girl with a poor family background. Her mother is a monster, she is such a lady who threaten her own daughter. On the other, she has a caring father and brother. Unfortunately, she losses her father and her brother disappear to nowhere. Later she moves out to Delhi for her betterment of life. She gets scholarship to study BA English. As she is in need of money for her survival, she joins in a photograph studio as an assistant. From then her life takes turns. Grab your copy to know more.

 As I said earlier don’t judge this book by it’s cover. The plot is gripping. You can’t put down a book just like that without finishing it. Your curiosity increases by each chapter. The way narration takes the story to next level. It shifts between past and present. All characters are perfectly built. I was stunned by the twists though. The pace is flawless. Overall it is a unputdownable read. It is story which is not be forgotten. Really enjoyed this book.